8 egg yolks.....suggestions?

Macaroon making frenzy over. Left looking at a bowl with 8 egg yolks. What's a girl to do?

  • Posted by: Niknud
  • April 8, 2012


jenmmcd April 10, 2012
Hollandaise! Look for a blender recipe. So delish and easy.
Summer O. April 10, 2012
Have you decided? I'd also vote ice cream or mayonnaise.
Niknud April 12, 2012
Actually, I was simultaneously staring at about 2 dozen hard boiled eggs (aftermath of Easter) and decided to do deviled eggs with extra egg filling because at least a third of it finds it's way into the hovering husband's mouth. Used the genius recipe from the other week but omitted the herbs and mustard and used smoked paprika and diced bacon (and a bit of sour cream). Delicious!!!
mrslarkin April 9, 2012
you could make 2 batches of this: http://www.food52.com/recipes/4057_hungarian_shortbread , said the lady playing the role of the enabler.
Niknud April 9, 2012
Oh yum! Now I'm having that problem where there are two many choice and I am stunned into indecision......
ChefOno April 9, 2012

+ heavy cream + sugar + CHOCOLATE = Pots de Crème !!


AndyFL April 9, 2012
+ heavy cream + sugar ====> Creme brûlée !!
rt21 April 9, 2012
What about Caesar dressing !
Cristina S. April 8, 2012
Ooh, ice cream or key lime pie!
Niknud April 8, 2012
Hahaha! Less damage to your insulin system with the matzo though....seriously think I may have given my children type II diabetes today.....
drbabs April 9, 2012
Hahhahha! I'm sure your kids had a great time and will rebound from sugar shock.
donna1963 April 9, 2012
It's better if the matzoh is whole grain but if it's white flour the chocolate eggs might do less damage to your pancreas. The fat in the chocolate slows the absorption of the sugar into your body. White flour matzoh is basically converted very quickly into pure sugar by your body.
drbabs April 8, 2012
Here's a recipe that's kosher for Passover if you need that:

Niknud April 8, 2012
Thanks drbabs! LEmon curd sounds yummy. I try and keep kosher for passover but we are an interfaith household so my kids are probably in insulin shock at this point from all the chocolate eggs!
drbabs April 8, 2012
We usually don't sweat it, but we're visiting my sister in law and brother in law and they try to keep kosher for Passover so we're doing our best! I'll need to detox from matzo as much as your kids will from chocolate!
drbabs April 8, 2012
Lemon curd. Just made some. Very yummy.
ChefOno April 8, 2012

If you've made lemon curd -- get some lemons and try it!

Other suggestions from last week:

mbergner April 8, 2012
Fresh pasta
mainecook61 April 8, 2012
Custard. Chiffon cake. Hollandaise.
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