Traveling to Frankfurt, Triere and Luxumbourg - dining and food related recommendations welcome.

I have no idea what or where to eat here. A little research didn't help me much either, a saurkraut risotto dish on a sample menu left me scared and confused. Please help.

Summer of Eggplant


Droplet April 21, 2012
Sauekraut risotto can be very good actually; it was my grandma's signature dish. Unless you just really dislike sauerkraut in general, give it a try.
Melusine April 14, 2012
Adofph Wagner's is is the quintessential Hessian pub, right on the main street in Sachsenhausen, a suburb of Frankfurt, on the other side of the river. The sector is also where all of the museums are -- one or two of them have some very good cafes. It's a bit of a hike over the bridge from the Dom area, but very close to the Metro.
The place is packed with locals. I went often the two years I lived in the city. The one thing I didn't care for on the menu - the apfelwein -- a taste I never acquired. This is not fine cuisine. Web Site:
LeBec F. April 14, 2012
if i were you, i would do some posting on on the boards for that area. check it out. and what about google?
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