What is a vegetable great side dish for risotto?

Invited to dinner at friend's home. The man of the house likes to cook and he is creative and has as many misses as hits. This week he is thinking of adding wild rice to the arborio rice to make risotto. There will be 12 people. I know his risotto will be vegetarian and I want to bring a vegetable to make sure we are covered if the risotto doesn't quite make it. You now know what I know - any ideas?

  • Posted by: SKK
  • July 25, 2011
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Droplet July 26, 2011
SKK, I thought you might be able to find something in this book if you still have time between now and that dinner:
The T. July 26, 2011
Don't forget to make the zucchini flower to go along with Bevi's suggestion. It would be a shame to not use them as well.
Bevi July 26, 2011
Fried zucchini adds a nice crunch and is a crowd pleaser.
SKK July 26, 2011
Great answers, all. Thank you!
The T. July 25, 2011
During the summer there is one side that sticks out in my mind and it is great with risotto...Roasted Veggies, you can pick the ones you like and be creative. I love the roasted fennel and risotto combo. You can roast them ahead of time and bring them with you. Eat them as a side dish or maybe he will allow you to fold them into the risotto. Good Luck!
beyondcelery July 25, 2011
Summer squash goes well with risotto, or white beans with rosemary and garlic, or zucchini. This is one of my favorite bean recipes:
I usually use cannellinis instead of the cranberry beans.

Although asparagus is really a match made in heaven for risotto as far as I'm concerned--MotherWouldKnow is right.
MotherWouldKnow July 25, 2011
Try roasted asparagus with walnuts - I've paired it with risotto with success. Not only does it work as a combination, it is easy and it can travel easily because you can serve it at room temperature. .
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