banana bread with grape honey that might have gone bad - is it edible?

I just made banana bread using grape honey ( instead of sugar. Too late I noticed the grape honey smelled somewhat like vinegar. Is what I made edible? (my thought: people do put vinegar in cakes, so although it might not taste as I wanted to, is isn't bad for me, right?)

  • Posted by: mirileh
  • April 13, 2012


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ChefOno April 13, 2012

I think it's safe to assume something is growing in there. Meaning the sugar to moisture ratio isn't high enough to protect it (like honey). Could just benign yeast and bacteria, but could also be something bad. I *always* follow the rule, "If in doubt, throw it out."
mirileh April 13, 2012
"grape honey" isn't really pure sugar or honey, it's syrup made from grapes. I have a feeling I can eat it, but it won't be the world's best banana bread.
Nozlee S. April 13, 2012
If it tastes okay, I think it's safe to eat! Sugar and honey don't really spoil.
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