I'm nuts over the Almond Butter Video...

Sorry for the tired joke but it's almost impossible to find peanut butter in Brazil,hence my clumsy enthusiasm.Would the processor work as well on peanuts?If so,for how long can I keep it in the fridge?



susan G. April 19, 2012
You can make wonderful peanut butter. I like it best with nothing added, but I find it needs a little oil to encourage it along. You can also made mixtures. When I had little kids, I spun chia seeds to powder them, then added the peanuts, so sneak in some extra goodies.
It actually keeps well and I don't usually refrigerate it. When it is made fresh it doesn't separate (oil rise to the top) for a while, so make enough for a few weeks at a time. Fresh is best! And, you can roast the peanuts for the best flavor. (No salt, no sugar, delicious!)
mensaque April 22, 2012
Thanks,SusanG...I'll try it with peanuts and cashew nuts!XOXO,Mensaque.
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