Almond Butter Video

It was such a nice surprise watcing it cause it's hard to find peanut butter in Brazil and because being a little nuts-you guessed it-I love all nuts.My question is:Does it work with peanuts as well,and for how long can I keep it refrigerated?



hardlikearmour May 4, 2012
I don't see why it wouldn't work with peanuts. When I tried it with hazelnuts I had to add a small amount of oil to get it to work well.
mensaque May 4, 2012
Hi,everyone!I don't know what's happening,but I've posed this question a fews weeks ago, and it has been answerede.Also,I just had to log in,something i never had to do on this site before.Is it my computer going crazy or is there something wrong with the site?
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