Is there anything I can substitute almond butter with?

Wren Garrison


London_Eats August 14, 2013
Depends on what you're making. In baked goods, hazelnut butter can be substitued and also has good flavour. Tahini (sesame butter) also a good choice. Pumkin seed butter is also a good sub in savoury items and adds a gentle green tinge.

BUT!!!...if you're trying to make a recipe "safe" for a nut allergy sufferer, I would speak to them first to be sure what they can and cannot eat. Some nut allergy sufferers are also sensitive to things like sesame - better safe than sorry!
lizzyinthekitchen August 13, 2013
Depends what you are using if for.. Any nut butter will be similar.
Declan August 12, 2013
What's the application? Depends on what your using it for ...
Mi B. August 12, 2013
I think any nut butter should do the trick.
LaMar August 12, 2013
peanut butter is maybe too obvious...? What's your need?
ameulensteen August 12, 2013
Sunflower butter?
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