spoiled greek yogurt

I had a small greek yogurt that turned to liquid and curdled, though the curds were very small--almost grainy. It was one of those unopened 6 oz containers. It was not past its due date and had been in the refrigerator. What happened?

  • Posted by: ATG117
  • April 21, 2012


LeBec F. April 22, 2012
suggestion- hope you will ask for a refund; your right/their responsibility. and it's the best conduit to bring it to the manager's attention-as a problem area.
ATG117 April 21, 2012
Thanks! Come to think of it, this happened to me once before from this same store. I'll definitely mention it. Does anyone know why it broke down and became completely liquidy. I'm used to dairy going moldy when bad or, in the case of milk, turning sour.
Ophelia April 21, 2012
Maybe it was left out of the refrigeration case for too long and then replaced. A little heat tends to make yogurt separate and curdle.
hardlikearmour April 21, 2012
Perhaps somewhere along the line it was mistreated. There's no way to know what happened to it before you put it in your shopping basket. Let your grocer know what happened - you'll likely get a refund, plus help them identify a potential problem on they're end.
hardlikearmour April 21, 2012
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