Coconut milk yogurt -- brownish film on top!

I'm in the process (at 24 hrs) of fermenting coconut milk yogurt in my dehydrator and noticed a brownish film floating on top. Everything I've read about yogurt making in the past has indicated that if you see discoloration or the yogurt smells funky, it means that the batch has been tainted, and should be tossed, but I've read mixed reviews while searching for an answer this time around.

My first batch of coconut milk yogurt was the same (full fat coconut milk, a little maple syrup for sweetening, and yogurt starter). The one difference I can think of this time around, is I mixed everything with a wire whisk instead of a wooden spoon.

I don't want to waste this batch, but also don't want to get sick. Thoughts or suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

alycia hammersmith
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1 Comment

Emmie April 10, 2018
24 hours seems like a long time to ferment yogurt, but I've only every made cow's milk yogurt. Even then, though, we only ever did ~12 hours of fermentation. The only time I ever saw it turn brown was when I left the crockpot on overnight by accident and it cooked everything! What temperature is your dehydrator at?
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