Is there an app for ipad for a recipe box - where you can put your own recipes?

Putting in own recipes is a priority. Adding others found online etc. would be nice too

  • Posted by: brynnie
  • April 24, 2012


Chef L. October 28, 2014
Another is "Recipe Keeper"; the basic version (which works fine) is free. It also has a "Pro" version for a fee.
Jesse G. October 28, 2014
Use Cook! It's free (I'm pretty sure), and very easy to use. It also offers some great features like the ability to sort your recipes by category, and add pictures to make your pages look beautiful! It formats everything to look like a cook book and you can share it with friends/family.
Dona October 28, 2014
I use an app called The Recipe Box, it syncs with my iPhone and I can send a grocery list from my iPad to iPhone. Very convenient.
Richard A. October 28, 2014

If you are still looking for an ipad app go to or email me at [email protected] to get you your ipad app.

BoulderGalinTokyo April 25, 2012
I love MacGourmet. I now have over 12000 recipes, 400 of my own, all of which I can access by ABC, search by ingredient, name, source, etc. I can connect chicken in one recipe to sauce in another. I can write comments on downloaded recipes- And on my own recipes, I can add a picture of every step during the cooking. IPad, iPhone, and Mac compatible with shopping lists. Share through email and a cookbook builder, and nutritional database.
thirdchild April 25, 2012
I've been using Paprika. It cost $5, but it was worth it. Nicely organized and capable of uploading. I use it all the time, whenever I see an online recipe I like. I wish my saved recipes on Food52 could be organized, alphabetized, etc. like on the Epicurious app.
gege 1. April 24, 2012
I like Epi. It has a ton of recipes from Gourmet and other sites. And you can add and sore private recipes or share them.
Cherylkw April 24, 2012
I use Evernote (free!). It's easy to dump a screenshot of an online recipe or a photo into a note and you can tag it to make locating the recipe super easy.
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Search My Recipe Book. Grat for storing personal recipes as well as recipes from websites.
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