Is salt deliberately excluded as an ingredient in this recipe? It tastes as though it needs some salt.

Salad Dressing
Recipe question for: Salad Dressing


susan G. April 30, 2012
When we make simple salad dressings at home, we do not add salt. It depends on your sense of what's right for you.
ChefOno April 30, 2012

In general I agree, in this particular case, no question the cook should salt to taste.

I can, however, think of at least one instance where the amount of salt is critical -- baking with yeast. Too much and you can kill the yeast, too little and the yeast can run amuck.

I can also think of places where "everybody knows" you're not supposed to add salt. Salting beans before they're cooked is supposed to toughen their skins (not true). Salting meat before cooking is supposed to dry it out (not true). And the big one: Salt is bad for you because it raises your blood pressure. (Only partially true and only partially significant. Only a small percentage of the population is sensitive to salt in that regard.)

LE B. April 30, 2012
i actually don't think adding salt to any recipe would destroy a food. salt and pepper- are often left up to the cook, when someone writes out a recipe for their dish.
Maedl April 30, 2012
It contains mustard and Worcester sauce, and both ingredients contain salt. However, 4 drops of Worcester sauce is pretty minimal, so if you want it saltier, either add more sauce or salt. I guarantee you that the salt police will not come knocking n your door.
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