I have some super hot Swazi Fire Sauce and was wondering how I could use it for cooking other than in a chilli? Thanks :)



Turdsandwich M. May 12, 2019
This is a late reply,but i love this sauce. Its excellent on hot dogs, chicken. To spice up and good flavor.
Verdigris November 17, 2010
Try a little in a stir fry. Just a small amount to begin. I like a bit of hot on the wok seared ingredients.
Savour November 17, 2010
If it has good flavors apart from just "hot" -- try mixing it with some mayonnaise and using it as a sauce for Crabcakes or a glaze on salmon.
pierino November 17, 2010
Grilled meats. Although I have a bias against super hot sauces that brag that they will "set your b**ls on fire". Hot sauce should balance with the natural floral quality of good peppers. Chicken would be a good place to start. As it finishes grilling (don't put the sauce on at the beginning), brush some on so that it doesn't burn----that's a mistake that people make with barbecue sauces.
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