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Okie, I thought I should ask you all that can anyone please explain me how does various seafood taste, esp scallops, salmon and crab. I have never tried it and planning on trying some during my next vacation. Do I need to keep in my mind any allergy related issues. I do not want to spoil the vacation in trying something and then having allergy.

Devangi Raval


LLStone May 4, 2012
Allergy testing is very expensive. I know this, because I was suffering from enormous hives for appox a year. I could not figure out what was causing them. I spoke to my doctor, because I thought they may be age-related. He did not recommend an allergist. At any rate, my throat swelled up, ended up at the emergency room, and after complete testing w/ an allergist, I found I have a beef and pork allergy. Oddly enough, the highest my allergist has ever seen. Now, before the age of 46, I'd eaten pork and beef my entire life. I ate it all the time, and now, it will almost kill me. My point in all of this is that it is very expensive to get pre-tested for allergies. And allergic reactions can emerge out of nowhere (I've read that maybe tick bites are responsible for my particular problem). I'd eat like I was not allergic to anything, and change it up if you break out in hives.
aargersi May 4, 2012
Oh man you are going to love it - try to eat some halibut!!!
Devangi R. May 4, 2012
Oh no I forgot to share the place, we are heading to USA's last frontier, Alaska!
Salmon fishing is primary over there. I was thinking of taking an allergy test, and now after reading some of your comments, I think so i would take one to be on safer side.
Pierino - I would seriously leave the sea urchin in the sea..poor babies .
I have though had sushi earlier with crab meat. And, no reactions. Thanks everyone for your answers..
SKK May 4, 2012
You will truly love Alaska. The salmon will be incredible as will the halibut, which is a particular favorite of mine. The crab you will most likely get are King Crab Legs which are very good. You must try all three at the very least! I live in Seattle and adore all of the Pacific Northwest!
Ophelia May 4, 2012
Gosh I wish I could edit that. I meant " If you've had shrimp, tuna and clams and not had an allergic reaction..."
My grandfather was allergic to shrimp, but only had a bad reaction every third or so time he ate them. He really liked them and felt that the itchy tongue was a small price to pay for the enjoyment, even if it isn't a terribly wise decision, especially since that every third time was pretty painful (swollen tongue and mouth rather than just itchy).
aargersi May 4, 2012
I think you want to start with milder options. Crab is a great idea, very sweet and delicate. Cod, flounder and sole are very delicate white fish ... as long as everything is VERY fresh (as everyone says) . I don't think I would jump in with a raw oyster, the texture might be a bit much for a beginner. Can you give us an idea where you are going???
Ophelia May 4, 2012
You probably aren't allergic to fish and shellfish. If you've ever had shimp, tuna and clams (All widely available and fairly cheap) and not had an allergic reaction I'd say you are probably fine to eat pretty much anything from the sea. If you do swell up in the mouth every time you have clam chowder or a shimp cup noodle I'd book my vacation in a place that don't pride itself on the wealth of it's waters.

I find scallops to be unpleasantly sweet, both raw and cooked no matter how fresh, so I can't be a big help there. But I grew up eating salmon and dungeness crab and both are pleasantly sweet, moist, and rich. I also love oysters, which taste briney and clean.
pierino May 4, 2012
Shellfish (mollusks and crustaceans) would be the most likely to cause an allergic reaction. Of course you won't know until you try. But really these affect a fairly small portion of the population---far smaller than the portion than won't eat fish unless it comes from Red Lobster or someplace like that. Not all fish tastes alike, nor would you want it to. Scallops are a good place to begin. Then you can work your way up to uni (raw sea urchin).
PattiinMS May 4, 2012
I'm from the Gulf Coast and we have wonderful crawfish, shrimp, oysters and blue crab as well as wonderful fish. If you are eating shellfish and have an allergy to iodine you may have a reaction. Iodine is also used in a lot of the radiology dies.

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Nozlee S. May 4, 2012
If you're concerned about having a reaction, you might try making an appointment with an allergist! It's better to be safe than sorry.
SKK May 4, 2012
I love your questions! I think the answers will depend on where you are vacationing.

The taste of all seafood is dependent on freshness and preparation. If you are eating salmon, make sure you have a line caught salmon, not farmed salmon. Line caught salmon from the Pacific Ocean, properly prepared, has a buttery taste. It is definitely worth trying! Don't know that I would order it on the east coast.

Maryland has amazing crab. Here on the west coast we have Dungeness crab which is amazing and different.

My recommendation is to go to a restaurant that specializes in sea food and try a little of each and make your decision regarding taste. And let us know where you are vacationing!

Regarding allergies, I am not a physician and have no comments on that.

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