Attn Seafood lovers and Crab boilers! What is the best type and size Crab legs to use for boiling seafood?

What is the best type and size Crab legs to use for boiling seafood? Where do you get yours for a crab boil? Im doing a crab boil party in October. I can get legs (unsure of the size and type) for 6.99/lb at the grocery store this week. But I sort of want to make sure I dont get 30 lbs of crab legs only to find out I got the wrong kind! Any tips appreciated!

Jennifer W


inpatskitchen September 10, 2019
I know you're talking"boil" but remember that your frozen crab legs will already be cooked and really just need a warm up in the oven. I find that if you boil them you'll lose all those beautiful juices.
Gammy September 9, 2019
A crab boil to me is always whole blue crabs, and actually steamed, not boiled, but I grew up on the Chesapeake shore! But you are talking legs... depending upon where you are located, I think that there are really 2 kinds of crab legs, snow crab and king crab. For a price of $6.99, I am certain these are snow crab (king should rum closer to $20). Snow crab legs are smaller and not as meaty as king crab, but considerably cheaper. You may want to find out if they have been frozen and thawed for selling. If so, and you are looking for 30 pounds, see if you can get some from the back that haven't been thawed and keep them thawed at home... they won't keep until October in your fridge.
Jennifer W. September 9, 2019
Thanks for the feedback! You're right- I will definitely need to ask if they've been thawed, and when I do purchase them, they will need to be frozen. By the way Im in central FL:) From what I understand all of our crab comes in frozen from elsewhere.
Gammy September 9, 2019
Hi Jennifer, I am in St. Petersburg and am familiar with most of the great seafood from the unofficial Seafood State, Florida. Yes, Snow Crab and King Crab will be coming in frozen, most likely from Alaskan waters. There are seafood markets that carry Blue Crab as this specie is found up and down the Atlantic coast. They are usually sold alive, or very freshly cooked and from fairly local waters. Blue crab meat is also sold in expensive pasteurized tins. Be very careful if you are buying... most comes from SE Asia and is highly perishable. A side note, if you have never tried Stone Crab, you are in for a treat. It is only in season from sometime in October to May and is expensive where ever you find it, but is is Florida's claim to fame and the crabs are caught locally, one claw is removed and the crab is returned and will regenerate the missing claw. Have a great Crab Boil next month!
Jennifer W. September 9, 2019
Hi Gammy, Its great to hear you are a local! If you dont mind me picking your brain just a bit more...:) I have not had our Stone Crab. The reason I picked Snow is I know it would be readily available for the most part, and I heard you dont really need crackers to get to the meat so I thought they'd be easier for my 25 guests. Although I do want a quality dinner party (its an anniversary party for my sister), I hesitate to use super premium legs for a boil- would that be considered wasteful? Do you think Stone crab would be a good choice for this instead?
Gammy September 9, 2019
Short answer... No, don't go with Stone Crabs. 1.) they would be very expensive for 25 guests, even given the wonderful circumstances! We're talking $20-$30+/lb. even if your market would carry enough to serve 25 people as you would plan on about a pound per person (a lot of that weight IS the rock-hard shell) 2.) You do need crackers, mallets and a wooden cutting board to get into the delicious claw...they are named STONE Crabs for a reason. 3.) they tend to be really messy to eat, but oh so wonderful! I haven't seen super premium Snow Crab legs, usually only one general size at the market, but you are right, you don't need crackers to get to the meat, you can actually use a fork like an old-fashioned can opener to split the leg open and the meat will be in one long piece. Enjoy! Your sister has a wonderful sister in you!
Jennifer W. September 9, 2019
Thank you again Gammy- I feel alot more confident now:)
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