I have a recipe I'd like to try with salmon. It calls for canned salmon and I have fresh. Can I substitute with fresh? Do I need to cook it before?



pierino November 16, 2010
And a brava! to Mrs. innoabrd. One thing that drives me nuts is to see salad nicoise on a menu proudly made with pan seared ahi tuna. Canned Spanish tuna is the real deal.
innoabrd November 16, 2010
yes, for just about anything. There are, however, some things that canned fish works best for, IMNSHO. My wife won't do a salad nicoise with anything other than tinned tuna!
nutcakes November 15, 2010
Yes, I use fresh instead of canned in Medeterranean Salmon cakes which is a delicious Cooking Light recipe. I cook it lightly first. Poach or oven bake is fine.
pierino November 15, 2010
Absolutely you can substitute fresh, and in fact it would be preferred for flavor. If you have a sharp knife handy you can shave it down to whatever consistancy works for your dish.
aargersi November 15, 2010
I would think you would need to poach it to simulate canned ... the nice thing is you can add flavor in the poaching liquid and jazz up your recipe
Verdigris November 15, 2010
What is the recipe, in brief? That would help provide and appropriate answer.
Grammaraine October 29, 2020
Salmon pie (in crust)
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