Can I substitute sheep's milk for cow's milk in this recipe? Allergies are not an issue, so i would use cow's milk buttermilk and cream. Thanks...

... so much.

Creamy Homemade Ricotta
Recipe question for: Creamy Homemade Ricotta


Droplet May 8, 2012
Sheep's milk has a considerably higher butterfat content in comparison to cow's milk, so you may want to omit the addition of cream. You may also get a slightly more creamy yellowish hue for the ricotta as opposed to the usual white.
ChefJune May 8, 2012
some of the best ricotta I have ever eaten was made with sheep's milk. Sub away!
Maedl May 8, 2012
Sheep milk would be fine-and add a distinctive flavor. Ricotta usually doesn't have the cream that your recipe calls for. Ricotta means 're-cooked' and is made from the remaining milk and whey left over after making cheese. Yours will be good, I am sure, but will have a higher fat content than the usual ricotta.
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