expired Certo--any uses?

With the good intention of making batches and batches of pâte de fruits, I bought several boxes of Certo a couple of years ago. I now have 3 leftover boxes which expired in January 2011. Is it possible that they're still good, and is there anything I can use them for besides jelly or jam?



Greenstuff May 11, 2012
Ditto, mainecook61. I stopped using Certo decades ago and haven't looked back. Recipes with Certo call for even more sugar than the ones without.
mainecook61 May 11, 2012
I'd pitch it. The best jellies and jams have no need for Certo in the first place. I make my own jams and jellies and I never use the stuff.
ChefOno May 10, 2012

Pectin loses effectiveness over time. You might want to look at it this way: How much does new pectin cost? How much is a batch of fruit worth?

ChefOno May 10, 2012

(That's how I would decide.)

susan G. May 10, 2012
Can you contact the manufacturer?
Reiney May 10, 2012
I'd say it's possible they're still good. But before ruining a large batch I would test it on a small amount and see what happens.
Nozlee S. May 10, 2012
It would be such a shame to use them and have them not gel correctly -- you might want to toss them and not risk it!
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