Looking for a recipe for basil jam. Not jelly and not with other ingredients like tomato or fruit.

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AntoniaJames October 14, 2011
If it has no fruit, it won't be a jam, because you won't have the fibrous matter that gives jam it's texture. You should look for a recipe for an herb jelly. There are tons of them. If you want the leaves to remain in the jelly, after infusing the liquid, take some fresh ones and chop them to add at the last minute. (The spent ones, presumably with their stems, won't be very appealing in the finished product.) I have to go to work now, so I can't help you run a particular recipe down right now. But there have to be dozens of herb-based jelly recipes out there. ;o) P.S. If I were making basil jelly, I'd add some cinnamon. The two go really well together. Did you know there is actually a variety of basil called "Cinnamon Basil"?
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