For the Straight-Up Rhubarb Pie, about how much in weight or number of stalks will yield 5 cups? Thanks!



AntoniaJames May 14, 2012
I bought 1.5 pounds of rhubarb (mostly fairly slender stalks, with not much waste), cut the stalks into 1/4' slices as recommended in the slide show, and had one small stalk left over. The pie was positively delicious, by the way. I might sprinkle just a bit of cinnamon sugar on the crust next time, or perhaps make a lattice crust, as I tend to prefer my pies a bit less austere in appearance. ;o)
mainecook61 May 13, 2012
If you are buying at a market, two pounds will be plenty and one not enough. Two pounds will give you about 6-7 cups.
Kristen M. May 13, 2012
I got about a cup of sliced rhubarb per stalk. Depending on the size of your stalks, 5-6 should be fine. But remember, you can just use Dimock's ratio of 1 cup sliced rhubarb : 1/4 cup sugar : 1 Tbsp. flour if you have more or less.
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