How long do I have to thaw puff pastry before working with it?

I'm trying to make chocolat and almond croissants for my overnight guests. Hope I'm not too late. Thanks!!



Thistle May 28, 2012
Thanks so much, everyone, for your kind help. We took all advice and they turned out pretty spectacular, really. Everyone loved them. And I was shocked how simple it was to do.
boulangere May 28, 2012
How lovely that your guests enjoyed them!

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boulangere May 27, 2012
You'll probably be better off this way. It will be best if you begin rolling it when it's still on the cool side, as the friction of rolling will warm it rapidly. If it spends too much time at room temperature or above, water will begin to leach out of the fat into the dough. Since puff pastry is entirely steam leavened, your great puff in the oven will be a bit compromised. Too, free water has a toughening effect on the dough. Your croissants sound lovely!
Dea H. May 27, 2012
You can thaw it on the counter, and it should be usable in 20-30 minutes.
Dea H. May 27, 2012
Oh, and if you do thaw it on the counter, do it in the packaging or make sure it's covered with Saran wrap.
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