Recipe for old-fashioned lemonade??

I remember making lemonade from a recipe that called for crushing (with a wooden spoon or mortar) the lemon slices, rind and all, with sugar. I don't remember the proportions or what one does to finish the recipe. Does anyone know about this?

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1 Comment

TheFritschKitchen May 29, 2012
You pretty much have it right there. IT's adjustable to how you like your lemonade. My mom always did about 5-6 lemons, sliced thinly and crushed with about 1/4 cup of white sugar. Put in the botto of a large pitchers and mash them up well, using the sugar to grind the lemons and extract all their flavor. Then fill up with some ice water! You can adjust to add sugar as needed. Again, it's all about your own preferences.
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