Super Neutrose: Ice Cream Stabilizers

Hello, a friend of mine who lived in Paris swore by the use of super neutrose for her ice creams and sorbets. I am looking into this now for a new ice cream recipe, but I can't seem to find it here in the US. It looks to be a European product. Do you have any recommendations or good substitutions? Does it also contain any animal product as some gelatins do?

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ChefOno June 2, 2012

Ingredients: glucose syrup, carob E410, sodium alginate E401, sodium carrageenan E407

Corn syrup and thickening agents from the looks of it.
Reiney May 31, 2012
I suspect super neutrose is an invert sugar. You could try to track down trimoline or powdered glucose - both will reduce crystallization and make for a smoother product, and raise the freezing point if you're having trouble with ice creams freezing too hard.
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