What can I do with honeycomb? I just bought some beautiful local honey with the comb. I have heard tale that the comb posesses health benefits and can be chewed like gum and swallowed, but I'm just curious if, and how, other people use the comb?



Thistle May 31, 2012
Thanks for your answers, both! Have just come from the kitchen where I carved away a bit for chewing.... not bad, really, but I do wonder if the bees need to hang onto the comb worse than we do, since they have to set about rebuilding it when it's taken, but.... Liking all the ideas, especially the toast. The Scottish pollen balls sound radical and kind of wonderful. I love your Thistle Confections Shop and your blog Hilarybee!
Hilarybee May 31, 2012
I had something call 'honey balls" in Scotland, which turned out to be honey comb divided and rolled in bee pollen. It tasted like chewy candy to me!
SKK May 31, 2012
I developed an appreciation for honeycomb when I was in New Zealand. "Honey Comb has many uses. These include use as a spread on toast or bread, a snack on its own, in cooking, crushed over breakfast fruits such as kiwifruit, grapefruit etc. or as a gourmet treat. When used as a spread, the comb is eaten along with the bread and almost passes unnoticed, but has a certain delicate flavour of its own. The wax comb is perfectly edible."
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