What is a good online source for Bottarga?

I just bought "Bitter Honey" and I'm dying to cook like a Sardinian!



Nancy July 28, 2020
Orionmar - see a good Serious Eats article spring 2019 (still reasonably current) which provides source ideas, along with history, usage and storage ideas.
Enjoy ;)
Orionmar July 28, 2020
Thank you for sending me to the Serious Eats article, Nancy! I'd been sifting through Amazon offerings and Google listings, without knowing whom to trust, so this was extremely helpful.
Butter &. July 27, 2020
Hi Orionmar,

That is a specialty food item and you will have to find it locally fresh (hard in the U.S.) or online and shipped dry...try http://bottargabrothers.com/ but that will not be the same as if you bought this ingredient at a local market.

Again...its an ethnic delicacy no matter where you find and purchase it...good luck! We have never cooked with it, but we know that rustic cooks the world over RAVE about this secret ingredient...YUM!

Butter & Bacon

Orionmar July 28, 2020
Thank you, Butter & Bacon (also--yum!). I'll report back once I've used it and let you know!
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