Microwavable Lunch Suggestions

On Sunday afternoons I make a large batch of something that is then used as my lunch for the work week. In the winter I typically make lots of soups and root vegetable dishes. Since the weather has improved I've been doing more international foods such as arroz con pollo, chickpea tagine, curries, kimchi fried rice etc. Does any one have any suggestions of good meals to make for lunches. I typically go meatless but do not require it, and want to keep things fairly affordable. Thanks.

  • Posted by: NealB
  • June 2, 2012


Chanelle,Gontarz December 6, 2012
Indian, Latin, Mediterranean, and Asian cuisines all make for fantastic lunch-able leftovers. Keep some pita pockets, wraps, or tortillas stocked -- chickpea masala in a pita pocket is amazing!

Cooking quinoa (as has been suggested) or other grains is a great way to add some quick protein to a handful of salad greens or as an addition to an impromptu wrap. Casseroles are a great standby for leftovers. Roast a bunch of vegetables and reheat them for the rest of the week.
Sarinavb June 2, 2012
I cool a big pot of Quinoa on the weekend and turn it into all sorts of salads to take along by adding fresh veggies, fruits, olives, feta and a few simple home made dressings depending on what is in stick. High protein, easy to pack, and cheap.
irinaleibo June 2, 2012
I used my leftover chicken and made a "paella" with spanish chorizo, peas, corn etc. Made a great
microwavable lunch. Moist and flavorful.
Benny June 2, 2012
I do the exact same thing. I typically turn all my left-overs into sandwiches for my weekly lunches and Chicken is what I find myself eating the most throughout the week. I find that I can go to the grocery store, buy a couple whole chickens and spend Sunday prepping them for dinners that make lunch-worthy leftovers for the week. De-bone the birds and make a nice stock, then use the meat for any number of different dishes. Between soups, salads and sandwiches, you can pair chicken with countless amounts of other ingredients for a good variety of lunch worthy food.
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