Need recipe for garlic ramps (never used) with morels and eggs.

Linda Schneider


fiveandspice June 3, 2012
It may be too late, but with either green garlic or garlic scapes, if that's what you have, you could make a lovely sautee with them, adding in a spring of thyme and finishing with some creamy to make them a little saucy. Then serve them over pieces of toast with poached eggs on top.
fiveandspice June 3, 2012
Sauteeing both the garlic and the morels in some butter, that is.
Maedl June 3, 2012
Are you sure you mean ramps and not green garlic? Ramps are out of season now, even way north. Are you looking for a frittata recipe or do you have something else in mind?
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