Garlic scapes and ramps

Hi! I have what I think is garlic ramps but there is what looks like garlic scapes at the top. I cut the bottom part off so hopefully the photo isn't confusing. Can the tops be cooked like normal scapes? I have only ever used ramps with the bottom already cut. What about the leaves? Thank you!!!

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Maedl June 26, 2014
PS Ramps are similar in size and appearance to lilies of the valley, which are very poisonous. You use the whole ramp--bulb and green part.
Maedl June 26, 2014
Ramps are long out of season. They grow in wooded areas in the East and Midwest--and are usually sold in farmers markets. I have never seen them in grocery stores.

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VanessaJo June 25, 2014
From the picture it looks like what you have is young garlic, with the garlic greens and scapes still attached (or they were before you cut them). The entire plant is edible, from the green garlic leaves to the roots at the tip of the young garlic. Use as you would mature garlic - the leaves and scapes in particular make a lovely pesto, and I like to add the roots to crockpot beans as they cook.
orangebird June 25, 2014
Thank you so much!
I thought that's what I had, but then talked myself out of it.
I really wanted to make sure I could add the leaves to my pesto, so thank you for the reply! And great tip on the roots- they were for sure previously destined for the compost.
thanks again!
QueenSashy June 26, 2014
... in addition to making wonderful pesto, they are great sauteed in butter and olive oil, especially if they are young and tender. I like to serve them on top of fresh pasta or simple risotto.
Susan W. June 25, 2014
Sounds , like scapes to me. If they have wide leaves at the top, then they are probably ramps.
Susan W. June 25, 2014
Photo or no photo :0), ramps are a wild onion. As far as I know, there is no garlic ramp. I would treat the tops of ramps like the tops of leeks. Great for stocks. Scapes are very different.
orangebird June 25, 2014
hmm.. the tops are curly and have a flower- they really look just like garlic scapes. The whole bunch is about 28" long and there are smallish 1" white bulbs at the bottom with leaves that look like the top of a green onion. It smells like garlic. Maybe it's just under-ripe garlic with the scapes still attached? thanks for the help!
Susan W. June 25, 2014
I see no photo. Maybe because I am on my phone?
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