Rhubarb juice for jelly - why is it cloudy?

It has had ample time to settle; has been through the jelly bag strainer, and remains stubbornly cloudy. I've successfully made the -- unbelievably beautiful and clear -- jelly many times in the past, but am frustrated by the cloudy this time (and, truth be told, the last). Is it the mix of rhubarb I'm using (new sources)? What are the likely culprits?



mainecook61 June 5, 2012
"Misty Mystery Morn" it shall be, then.
SeaJambon June 5, 2012
Not yet -- this is simply the juice that will become jelly. So, pure rhubarb and nothing else.
mainecook61 June 4, 2012
Hmm, a puzzle. There really are not many different varieties of rhubarb. Did you use pectin? Something to do with that is the only other thing I can think of, but I don't use pectin so I am no expert.
SeaJambon June 4, 2012
Nope - didn't squeeze. Wish it was that easy.

This is so frustrating! It is still that beautiful pink, but it isn't the lovely, lovely clear that I'm used to. I'm really wondering if it wasn't a different variety of rhubarb that caused the problem? I'll still make it into jelly, but it won't be "clear skies" but rather "misty morn" jelly....
mainecook61 June 4, 2012
Did you squeeze the jelly bag to get the last juice? That will do it. Never squeeze.
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