Where can I purchase good quality spices?

I am looking for a vendor(s) that sells good quality spices that is not Penzeys. I have issues with how they run the company and how they mistreat their staff, so I will not support them by buying their spices. Thank you.

Garlic Fiend


Kartar S. December 5, 2020
You can try Spicy Organic. They have the top pick and high quality of all kind of organic spices. You can order it directly from their website at www.spicyorganic.com. Happy shopping 🛍
MacGuffin December 6, 2020
I just went to their site--they don't seem to carry a whole lot.
Ferrator November 20, 2020
From the lack of moderation in this single thread, I am afraid that it pretty much invalidates this sites usefulness to me.
Jack J. July 22, 2020
Check out ChefJamesprofessional products all natural no msg no chemicals no gluten, wide variety
ZirconGem July 22, 2020
Hi, interested to know what’s a good spice brand ( no longer wish to buy Penzeys).

Thank you!
Chefg July 22, 2020
Try Slofoodgroup. They have an assortment of gourmet and extract grade vanilla beans as well as other high quality salts, spices and flavor products.

Jeff July 22, 2020
I have found this family owned company, https://primaspices.com, I honestly have not seen anybody else have such quality spices and friendly service. Small selection though, they do not have everything.
thriftysoul January 30, 2020
CROWDOG December 31, 2019
I wanted spices, not to be bombarded with lunatic leftist emails. Bye Bye penzeys. There are better options out there anyway.
Hello SpiceSage.com!
Lyn O. October 23, 2020
Same here. Found this searching 'where to buy spices not Penzey's'.
Jarenight November 13, 2019
What the hell is this thread actually about?! Thought it was for a place to buy spices. This thread should be removed.
Jason S. March 1, 2020
3rd president impeached. 🥂
Jack J. October 20, 2019
Try chefjames professional products web site freshest high end spice blends you can find
Dana July 30, 2019
The title of the thread "Where can I purchase good quality spices? " has become almost useless because so many trump people typically feel compelled to state their political biases and admonishments rather than actually talking about the quality of spices. If you don't like Penzeys don't use them, but stop inundating the various internet forums with your defensive anger and stick to the subject of the thread. Heaven forbid that people be allowed to make up their own minds without having to read through the diatribes in order to find pertinent information.
Foodie July 30, 2019
Pretty comical you writing this gem since it exactly what you are complaining about, go figure.🤫
Cookie October 7, 2019
Spicesage.com is a very good alternative to the oppressive Penzey's.
Lyn O. October 23, 2020
You can't be serious. Stick to the thread? That's what we'd like Penzeys to do...stick to the spices.
MacGuffin November 20, 2020
It has nothing to do with being a Trump supporter. It has to do with Bill Penzey's inflicting his hateful politics into what's supposed to be pleasant--buying spices. I ignored it for quite a few years because I thought he meant well. No more. The cherry on the cake was that friends I'd turned on to Penzeys started calling me about the same lunatic e-mail I'd received. Feh.
PaPa C. July 5, 2019
I also chose to stop buying from Penzeys because they try to push their political views on their customers. Amazing how anyone can be so NAIVE as Cheryl A. Some people will believe anything. We should all be thankful we live in a country where we have the freedom to buy or not buy from anyone we choose.
calhoun February 11, 2020
EXACTLY (It's why I will NEVER eat at Chik-Fil-A). I'm a professional chef. I fell in love with Penzey's the very first time I tried them. I haven't yet found a suitable replacement.
Knight90 March 13, 2020
Are Penzey's spices that great? Do you know if they are organic or not? Have you tried any of the other suggested spice places, like SpiceSage.com? Have you tried any of Whole Foods 365 spices? Sorry for all of the questions at once, but I am just curious.
Thanks, Steve
MacGuffin September 4, 2020
They're excellent. However, I unsubscribed as soon as Bill Penzey informed me that I was a (Jewish, yet) Nazi, fascist, and "hater." Too bad--I was an extremely devoted customer who had no problem dismissing the politics he injected into his catalogs . . . until that e-mail I received the day after the 2016 election. Entertainingly, I received a follow-up mass e-mail not long afterward to the effect of "let's talk about this!"
Sorry, Bill. No wanna talk.
Don June 21, 2019
Not sure if people are still interested in this thread but for those who are, I've been ordering from altiusspice.com for a few years now. They have pretty good variety and quite a few seasoning mixes I haven't been able to find anywhere else.
Josh June 8, 2019
Start looking for some direct to consumer spice companies. There's not a lot of them out there that have a wide selection so you may have to shop at a few. Off the top of my head, mmcsc.org has very good fresh spices, but they're very small also. So you might have to develop a list of small good companies to buy from.
Chris S. May 24, 2019
When people run their companies in ways that reflect their political or religious beliefs, I think that's terrific. Lots of companies have benefit packages that support ideologies and moral positions that I find objectionable. That is what our country is all about - freedom of thought and freedom of speech. Part of our free, capitalistic society is the ability to run your company as you see fit, as long as it is within legal boundaries. But, when I get a newsletter from a company that sells spices, I expect the newsletter to be about.........you guessed it ---spices, along with some recipes or other uses they have found for the items they sell. However, I don't want them to try to sell me their political views. There is enough of that all over television and the internet, and I can subscribe to political newsletters if that is something of interest to me.

The system in this country also gives me the right to choose to buy from another company if for any reason I no longer want to spend my hard-earned money at Penzey's. Though I would prefer that Penzey's leave their political views out of their newsletters, as long as they are willing to pay the price for their political stances, they have the right to continue down that path. I wrote them a letter expressing my thoughts about mixing politics with business communications to customers. I told them that if this was going to continue, I would no longer be purchasing anything from them, and I asked to be removed from their mailing list. I'm sure they read my letter, since they have deleted me from their mailing list. However, I did not receive any response from them. Apparently, campaigning for the party of their choice (or against the one not of their choice) is more important to them than customers or profit. If so, more power to them. As for me, there are plenty of other choices out there.
Cookie October 7, 2019
I think they are incredibly intolerant and overzealous. I am always leery of people so convinced that their views are the correct ones that they simply must cram them down everybody else's throat. I quit their mailing list, too. Here's my money, give me my cinnamon and leave me in peace to spend the time of my day as I wish, not as a captive audience to any ranter.
Roxanne May 23, 2019
If you're looking for seasoning blends, I enjoy the ones from www.psseasoning.com. Great quality, very fresh and flavorful. They also have sauces, dip and pancake mixes
Chefg April 24, 2019
I enjoy shopping at www.slofoodgroup.com they have a nice section of hard to find spices online such gourmet vanilla beans, saffron’s, Ceylon cinnamon and more
Cheryl A. March 24, 2019
I will continue to buy from Penzeys because of his courage to speak the truth. I am saddened that so many of you would allow this lying man, who sits in the oval office, to affect your buying a wonderful product like Penzeys. What is the matter with you?
Foodie March 24, 2019
I am not sure why you have posted this response. I am not buying from Penzeys because I was sent political posts that were not business like. Not sure where you came up with your abstract thoughts about how someone in the Oval Office influences my spice buying.
Vicki S. April 21, 2019
Cheryl, I have stopped buying from Penzys because of his ridiculing people who did not vote the way he thought they should. It has nothing to do with who I voted or didn't vote for. This country is divided enough without people like him adding fuel to the fire. I strongly believe we all think long and hard and vote for the person we feel is best for our country and no one should be blasted for the direction they choose go. Yes, he has the right to say how he feels and I have the right to spend my money elsewhere.
Freddy May 8, 2019
Really? Courage to mix politics with his business to sell spices. The oval office did not write me a letter. Its great he has passion for his views and politics. But, I buy spices because I love them. Not because I want someone to tell me what their beliefs are. Regardless whether he is right or wrong. Fact check his letter! I was a long time customer who took my business elsewhere and will never go back. Shame.
Chuck T. June 14, 2019
I shopped from Penzeys for some 25 odd years, before they had brick and mortar stores. I don't pay attention to a companies politics. I stopped (I have a Penzeys 2 miles from my home) because of the down sizing of the spice packages. If you need to make more money raise the price not make a 8oz. bag a 7.5 ounce bag without letting customers know. I followed this thread to find a place on-line that sells good quality spices at reasonable prices. Back to looking!
calhoun February 11, 2020
I was just wondering; do you donate to a church that preaches politics from the pulpit?

jamcook March 9, 2019
Maybe all the people who have trouble with opinions should just go to the supermarket and buy whatever is there.If they have opinions you’ll never know.
Chris S. May 24, 2019
I think you are missing the point. I don't have trouble with them having opinions. I have trouble with them preaching politics in a rather negative way in a newsletter that I expect to be about their products. I think that is the main complaint of most of the commenters. You know...believe what you want, but don't shove it down my throat.

As to "if they have opinions, you'll never know." You will only "never know" if you have no desire to know. There is plenty of information out there about company policies that will tell you what their political leanings are if you want to know, some of which is regularly reported on the news. As long as they are not sending me unsolicited political rantings, I will most often ignore whatever political affiliations they may have and will shop there if they have something I want. On the other hand, I DO go out of my way, where possible, to shop with companies whose principles and views I find more in line with my own. I think that's only natural.

And YOU have the right not to care at all what Penzey's does and to spend your money where YOU wish! Is this a great country or what?
MacGuffin September 4, 2020
The problem with Bill Penzey's "opinion" is that he viciously blasted, ON HIS BUSINESS MAILING LIST, everyone who doesn't agree with him as a "hater." I not only don't consider myself a "hater," I don't consider myself a masochist either, i.e. it would be sick of me to patronize a business whose owner finds me loathsome. I was fine with his fuzzy politics until I received that e-mail--I was buying herbs and spices, not ideology. That, apparently, wasn't good enough.
Josh C. February 25, 2019
Sanita Spices in Kearny NJ, but they only sale by bulk spices. Good quality items for very good price their phone number is 201-955-1505 no internet sale so you have to call them
V W. September 30, 2018
I left Penzey's because of all their political emails. When I told them about it they were very condescending so I don't order from them anymore. The Spice House online is where I go now. Very good prices and service.
Wendy M. March 9, 2019
I also am not buying from Penzys for the same reason. I read about THE SPICE HOUSE, and come to find out, its Penzys daughter !!! The parents sold the company to the kids in 1992 which leads me to believe that its the kids that are interjecting the political junk. I wont buy from THE SPICE HOUSE either.
Phyllis H. March 27, 2019
I also left Penzey because I do not want a vendor telling me what to think politically.
Knox S. April 5, 2019
I didn't know there were so many white trash cooks on Food52.

Time for another Penzey's Order. :-)
JJ May 11, 2019
I'm sorry Wendy but you've been misinformed... I worked for Bill for awhile... His father started the original Penzey's way back in I wanna say the 60s on 35th and Galena in Milwaukee. His father is no longer with us, but Bill's sister owns the spice house and is in no way connected to the current penzey's spices other than they are siblings. Bill's mother ran the oldest existing location on glenview Avenue in tosa until it sadly closed this year she is an awesome lady! Bill broke off from the family business in the 90s and took off with the catalogs and the rest is history.. To be honest I love Bill because he is a very nice guy and I'm sorry to hear you no longer go to him for spices he has a great product .. But him and his sister(spice house) have completely separate businesses .. He only has two children who are very young they don't own the spice house haha
Chuck T. June 14, 2019
I didn't realize they had trolls too!
Pegg A. June 30, 2019
Name calling is beneath you.
Becky H. April 4, 2020
The Spice House is no longer owned by anyone in the Penzey family. Bill Jr's sister sold the business. You can read the update on The Spice House website. I find their products, prices and selection similar but different from Penzey's. I too am avoiding Penzey's because I just want to buy spices, not hear what a horrible person I am because I have different opinions than Bill Jr & Co.
MacGuffin October 23, 2020
Bill Penzey’s sister and BIL don’t share his politics.
MacGuffin December 6, 2020
You're unfairly tarring the Spice House (which I believe has since been sold) with Bill Penzey's brush. Bill Penzey's sister doesn't share her brother's politics.
Gerald August 2, 2018
I as well am now presently looking and making phone calls to different spice companies, and have decided to never again use Penzey's. They get so darn political, and it serves no purpose for a business to do such. I'd admonish ALL to stay clear of Penzey spices!
Jessica T. August 3, 2018
Admonishing strangers on the internet who disagree with your views is....

Love Penzey's - always fresh, great options. Will look at the Glassdoor reviews, however.
Jenn P. July 6, 2018
xinekim July 6, 2018
I purposely support Penzey’s BECAUSE of their support of civil rights, civil liberties, and justice for all, and switched from being a long-time Spice House customer to do so. I also boycott companies that openly support anti-choice and anti-gay policies. Isn’t that spicy?!
LK March 8, 2018
Bucks 5th Ave, the Spice Lady, has really passed its heydey and acts more as a retirement home for her these days. Be careful what you buy and how long it has been there. There was mold in some of the jars, cookies of questionable age scattered across the counter ("which she offerred to us incessently") and she coughed into our order, picking up the last bit off the counter, right into the bag with her bare fingers and then back to her cheese sandwhich. She literally made us wait to pay while she ran someone out of the shop for not agreeing with her political opinions and then engaged us in a long tirade. Like so much of downtown Olympia, it is history.
Malinda January 14, 2018
I'm not quite sure that this is an active thread anymore.But me and my friend have a start-up company to export Sri Lankan black-pepper.If there is Garlic Fiend or any potential buyers,just drop me an email to [email protected] you!
Nancy August 1, 2017
Not an all-purpose supplier, Zingerman's (in Ann Arbor and online) has good blends, peppercorns and some unusual items (e.g., fennel pollen earlier than most suppliers).
Marcia August 1, 2017
Here is another spices online store https://www.ruralspices.com/. They have both whole and ground spices. Top class!!
kyle H. June 14, 2017
Morton & Bassett spices are top notch. Not to be confused with morton salt. Morton & Bassett has been around since the 80s and never had a recall on any product... something that can't be said for other big brands. While they aren't cheap, you really can't beat the quality. All natural, non-gmo, non-irradiated, gluten-free, kosher, etc, etc. I highly recommend you give them a try.. they can be found in stores throughout the US.

Jenn P. April 26, 2017
Two Snooty Chefs! www.twosnootychefs.com
Suzi April 13, 2017
Check out smithandtruslow.com. Freshly ground organic spices. Excellent!
Wendy April 3, 2017
I just wanted to mention that I have been ordering from myspicesage.com for a few years now. I have never been disappointed with anything I have ordered from them - everything has arrived very fresh. They also ship all orders over ten dollars free I believe. I hope this info helps someone. At any rate, it gives you another place to compare available products, prices, etc.
Norma November 19, 2017
Just placed a fairly large order with them. They had a great coupon code and free shipping. Looking at their roster of products I am VERY hopeful this is my new spice vendor 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻
WileyP April 21, 2019
I also have been using myspicesage.com for quite a few years. Good, fresh spices and herbs, reasonable prices (when you consider shipping is free), often free samples.
Bubba F. January 28, 2017
Sean, I've voted neither for Wallace nor Trump. It seems inconsistent for you to defend Mr. Penzey by saying that Mary "hit below the belt" because of her reaction to Bill Penzey calling her (if she voted for Trump) and millions of Americans racists when he's surely not personally met each of them. That is not only political bigotry, it's blatant ignorance and arrogance. If you don't like President Trump talk about or to him, don't attack his millions of voters you don't know. Have you tried growing your own spice garden? We may all have to farm soon. Bubba
Deborah M. January 16, 2017
For organic Indian spices www.ancientindianspices.com Small batches, authentic recipes. Spice and tea-related gifts. Start-up so support us!
Mary K. November 25, 2016
I will never shop Penzeys again. You are right about the company, and they have now gotten extreme political, which has nothing to do with selling spices. I'll never buy from them again. Try Dean and Delucca.
Jeff May 5, 2016
I have been trying several companies for a long time and have found that they were not always consistently fresh. Than I decided to try Prima spices, who I found while doing internet search. They have great customer service and they always send me fresh stuff. For sure worth a try. Here's the link: https://primaspices.com/store/pc/home.asp
WileyP April 22, 2016
I have found My Spice Sage (www.myspicesage.com) does a pretty good job. Their prices tend to be just a bit higher that Penzy's, but all orders ship for free, making them less expensive in the long run. Once you buy from them, you will start receiving offers once or twice a week for free spices with a minimum order. Some of the deals are certainly worthy of consideration.
karen April 21, 2016
If you're across the ocean in Asia then go for www.regencyspices.hk absolutely the best spices I've ever had in my life.
luvcookbooks February 2, 2016
The Spice House.
Jan W. February 3, 2016
Seconded the Spice House, online and in-store. A fantastic resource for Greater Chicagoland.
Bob February 23, 2016
Buying herbs and spices online, UK try http://spicewells.co.uk/
Bob April 22, 2016
We don't have a Spice House in the UK - wish we did. Recommend these guys in the UK https://spicewells.co.uk. I've ordered twice now, been given extra and found everything to be top dollar (or first class as we might say over here).
RD February 2, 2016
I have found the best online site to order Spices, dried peppers and herbs.
everything I have ordered from them is just the best smell and taste.
they also have some other cool stuff and say more is to come. cant wait.
Brett P. November 30, 2015
Check out Starlight Herb & Spice Company's products. My aunt and uncle started the biz years ago and sell fantastic products, including their own rubs, blends, and flavored salts + sugars. Anyways, give em a shot at www.starlightherb.com
DM October 13, 2015
Rather than get everything from one source specializing in all spices, seek out the ethnic grocery stores in your area that serve a single community. They won't have everything, but they will have many, many things. Most importantly, there will be very high turnover of spices, guaranteeing freshness. And since they are likely to have customers who return every week, who cook that cuisine at home, you have the best possible quality control: local home cooks who won't stand for a crummy product. Finally, they are likely to have the most reasonably priced spices, as for locals in that culinary community, this is what you put on the table every day, not an indulgence.

Though I don't cook or eat Armenian food, a local Armenian grocery has become my best local spice store, along with a hole in the wall South Asian grocery.
Foodie May 7, 2015
I was a happy customer of Penzeys until they started sending out political rants to their customers. The last one supported the riots.
Maze October 13, 2015
I too was a customer of Penzey's till Mr Bill started sending offensive e-mails that had nothing to do with spices. I did write to him and heard nothing back. Thankfully there are better choices out there.
Cary April 22, 2016
I agree as well. I sent an email saying I did not give them my contact information to receive their political views, whether I agreed or not. I asked that they stop misusing customer information, but never heard a word. I am shopping around for a new company now too.
Sean R. April 22, 2016
If you are looking for a reliable substitution, The Spice House is run by Bill Penzeys' sister. Supposedly, they use the same supply chains and they definitely use the same recipes for blends. You'll get fresher stuff from The Spice House since they grind and mix in small batches (not the case for Penzeys).
ChezHenry September 29, 2014
Kalustyan's in NYC, with their online store at www.kalustyans.com.
THE M. September 28, 2014
Peppermate.com is an excellent source!
jamcook September 26, 2014
I feel I should write in defense of Penzeys..I have no connection to them other than as a happy customer. I think their products are superb. they have the best vanilla and cinnamon, and all kinds of spices and blends that are hard to find. One of my kids moved to Wisconsin, and I got to know their stores too. The staff was helpful. and seemed genuinely happy to work there.
Bill Penzey is known locally as a philanthropist and a supporter of humanist and progressive causes. (teacher's rights, marriage equality and many more.) He has used his catalogues to showcase all sorts of community projects and the people who run them.
I am sure that if you write a letter to him, you will get a personal answer. Also, if you are ever in Wisconsin, go to the Milwaukee Zoo and take a ride on the Penzey's Carousel.
Sean R. April 22, 2016
In the interest of professionalism, I cannot give you details on the inner workings of this particular spice company. However, please consider these Glassdoor reviews from employees. Among staff, the perspectives shared here are considered to be pretty accurate: https://www.glassdoor.com/Reviews/Penzeys-Spices-Reviews-E374624.htm

I always point Penzeys fans to The Spice House as their products are exactly the same, but roughly 30% cheaper.

Voted the Best Reply!

Mary K. November 25, 2016
Bill Penzey's opinions have no place in business. He's not a philanthropist - he's an ugly bigoted person and I will never buy from Penzeys again - keep your politics out of business is what I say.
Mary K. November 25, 2016
Bill Penzey's opinions have no place in business. He's not a philanthropist - he's an ugly bigoted person and I will never buy from Penzeys again - keep your politics out of business is what I say.
Sean R. November 30, 2016
Mary, that's a bit below the belt. If you've met him and he treated you with cruel prejudice, I might understand.
If you disagree with Mr. Penzey's business practices (as many others do!), aim your criticism there. Not at the human being who deserves a chance to defend themselves.

Quick reminder of healthy commenting guidelines: BNBR, Be Nice Be Respectful.
Donatella R. March 22, 2019
I can't speak for anyone else's experience but my own. I commented on Penzey's facebook page that regardless of your political position, I felt that some of their comments were too much and not appropriate for business. Well, my facebook post was deleted!!! Then I posted about how my facebook comment was deleted and they blocked me!!! I had a family member do the same only to have their post deleted and them blocked. I then sent Penzey an email about the experience and received no response. So, unfortunately, I feel you are dead wrong with your position that Bill Penzey would personally respond. Obviously he and his company have very strong political views and do not mind alienating customers who push back or disagree. And truth be told, their actions are very hypocritical and childish. They are not mature enough to even have an "adult" conversation. Mature people can "disagree" and still "get along", but instead, for Penzey, if you just QUESTION them about their actions, you are deleted and blocked. I find it ironic--Penzey's behavior is similar to that of Trump's which they abhor.
Knox S. April 5, 2019
You only say that because you're a White Trash Trump supporter.

Donatella R. June 4, 2019
Actually, I am NOT a “White Trash Trump supporter”. Your reply shows how truly ignorant and childish you are!! You resort to name calling because you obviously can’t handle having an adult and mature interaction. SMH
Pegeen September 25, 2014
La Boîte à Epice, NYC - shop online or at their store on 11th Ave btwn 51st and 52nd

Nice background article on them in Food and Wine:
Z A. September 24, 2014
Hi Garlic Friend, we are exporters of high quality spices from SriLanka, Cinnamon, Cloves, Black pepper, Cardamom, Nutmeg, Mace, White Pepper. (bulk) contact us if you would be interested - [email protected]
Apple123 June 21, 2012
I tried Atlantic Spice and their stuff is weak.
Apple123 June 21, 2012
Try tasteofmalaysia.biz

They are a small company in Florida, but have great spices from India. They only sell by the 1/4 lb online, but I called them and worked out bulk prices. their shipping is low too.
Bevi June 13, 2012
Atlantic Spice Company - they have a website.
ChefJune June 5, 2012
depends upon where you live. If you have a local store that sells herbs and spices, I'd begin with them. for instance, there's a fab little store called Polcari's in the North End of Boston where I always go when I'm in town (used to live up the street). They sell coffees, herbs and spices, etc. and their turnover is very rapid. Everything is always fresh.

I also mail order from Vann's Spices www.vannsspices.com and have done so for years. You can buy from them in large or small quantities.
Summer O. June 4, 2012
olygirl June 4, 2012
Bucks Fifth Avenue, aka The Spice Lady, here in Olympia, WA is amazing. It's small and local, but she does has a web site. http://www.culinaryexotica.mybigcommerce.com/.
It's an amazing little store with spice blends and single spices from all over the world. I use her Argentine Steak Rub on everything from popcorn to salad dressing.
AntoniaJames June 4, 2012
World Spice, based in Seattle, really impressed me. They were featured in the FOOD52 shop very early on, so I purchased several items from them that were not readily available locally (e.g., grains of paradise). I found the quality and service both to be excellent. You can get fairly small quantities as well. I agree that buying in bulk and buying from ethnic grocers is the way to go generally, but if you cannot, World Spice is a great alternative. http://www.worldspice.com/ ;o)
mstv September 24, 2014
This is also the business I was going to suggest. Very high quality.
Panfusine June 4, 2012
Kalustyan's in New York City & savory spice shop in Princeton.. http://www.savoryspiceshop.com/ware.html
ChefOno June 4, 2012

I don't have a local source like Susan suggests however I've been doing business with The Spice House (www.thespicehouse.com) for many years. Excellent quality, prices, selection and customer service.
ReneePussman June 4, 2012
susan G. June 4, 2012
As a veteran of selling herbs and spices for 30 years, now retired, I would suggest looking for what I had. See if there is a local natural food store or co-op that sells them in bulk. We found that both quality and price were superior to what is commonly available. You also have the advantage of buying only as much as you are likely to use in the time they are at their best, or only enough for a single recipe for something you've never tried before.
Similarly, look for ethnic ingredients at the Indian, Asian, Middle Eastern, Hispanic, etc. stores, where a knowledgeable customer won't accept less than the real thing.
Good luck!
Aisha November 27, 2016
Just to note that some ethnic shops (especially the larger ones serving a big local community) do sell in bulk as well. And one suggestion for pre-packed pre-ground South Asian spices: National and Shan brands are of consistently good quality, reliable, well-prepared and well-packed so they stay really fresh (I even use some of their spice mixes when I'm too lazy to make my own).
Rachel G. June 4, 2012
I just noticed the full question..apologies.. I saw it on Twitter then just saw the full question... apologies
Rachel G. June 4, 2012
oops...forgot the link !
Rachel G. June 4, 2012
Here's a link to Penzey's Online... they will also send you a catalog. Recently I purchased some as a gift and they came in a box packed with fresh bay leaves...Nice Touch !
Garlic F. June 4, 2012
Um... I'm looking for someone NOT Penzeys. Thanks anyway!
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