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What is a good quick steak rub?

Just looking for something I can use from my spice rack for tonights dinner.

Thanks in advance!

asked by Death by Toast over 4 years ago
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added over 4 years ago

Along the same lines: Kosher salt, black pepper, a tiny bit of garlic powder (because it doesn't burn over high heat), and onion powder. If done right, the seasoning stays in the background and the beef is the star player.

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Sam is a trusted home cook.

added over 4 years ago

Well, it's too late..unless your in the very far west timezone.

Salt..that's all..But there's a trick to that for a steak. Put on the salt. Simple enough..

But at 10 mins, the salt is drawing moisture out of the steak. That's the window for surface salt on a steak.
After 10 mins, the salt has drawn out moisture and just sits there on the surface and you wipe it off to grill and you lose all the moisture and seasoning of the salt.

put on the salt..wait 40 mins. At that time the salt does something 'magical' extracts moisture from the steak..combines with the salt and then starts to retreat back into the meat. The salt carries the seasoned juices of the raw steak back into the beef. This only happens after at the 40 min mark or so.

Just don't use a mariande or other high liguid stuff for good beef. The salt...wait 40 mins. is perfect.
I think this site did a bit about that..but 'serious eats'. website did a objective test... it is..they say 50 mins..and I've gone that far and even over night.

I've done the overnight thing..with just salt..and the steak was wonderful..and surprisingly dry on the outside as all the salt went back into the meat so it seared perfectly. No surface salting was needed after that. But don't get heavy with the salt..just a light dust of kosher salt is all that's needed for steak. Just wait..for it do it's seasoning.

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added over 4 years ago

Never knew that, always salted steak after cooking. Will have to try the 40-minute wait.

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added over 4 years ago

Usually do salt and pepper. Carne asada seasoning is also good.

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Chops is a trusted home cook.

added over 4 years ago

I love Montreal Steak Seasoning.

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added over 4 years ago

my wife loves that stuff. I personally cant stand it ;)

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added over 4 years ago

Salt and pepper. A good steak needs nothing more than that and maybe a bit of butter after its cooked. Keep it simple.

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pierino is a trusted source on General Cooking and Tough Love.

added over 4 years ago

Sounds like we're all in the same choir here. I may add a little cayenne or pimenton but that's about it. Where I live the classic (Santa Maria style) would be just those ingredients. But just as important to flavor is the quality of wood you grill over. Kingsford is for sissies. Gas is preferable to briquettes but it doesn't add any flavor.

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added over 4 years ago

Oh yeah? Well, well…. Your mother wears army boots!

I switched from lump to briquettes after sparks burned numerous holes in our redwood deck and through more than one good shirt.

Briquettes are far less expensive, more consistent and controllable, have a longer burn time and are more versatile -- all it takes is a handful of wood chips of the species of your choice to match whatever you're cooking. Kiawe (mesquite), hickory, apple, red oak…

Gas??? Please, let's not go there. We don't need a flame war.

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Emily is a trusted source on General Cooking.

added over 4 years ago

Ground coriander and white pepper plus mint, salt and pepper is lovely!!!!

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June is a trusted source on General Cooking.

added over 4 years ago

I wouldn't say "Kingsford is for sissies," but it does have objectionable (and toxic) chemicals connected to it which I don't want in my food or my lungs. I also dont use gasoline as a fire starter!

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added over 1 year ago

i use only grape wood in my smoker grill. i use cooking oil and papper to start the fire. Smoked meat comes out Awesome.

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