Making fish fry tonight! Anyone have any tips or suggestions?

I am making flounder tonight - fried meuniere style. Anyone have any tips or suggestions? I have tried the basic meuniere recipe many times but never comes out perfect - not crispy enough, etc. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!



HalfPint June 5, 2012
Wondra flour might solve your crisp-ing problem.
puttakka June 5, 2012
Forget the fry...I am trying M&M's recipe. Thanks!

M& hot to you have the oil/butter combo before you add the fish?
Just hot enough so that if you flick a little flour in, it starts to sizzle. Don't let the butter brown too much or it will burn before you're done.
I don't make meuniere fried, just sauteed-- I use a combination olive oil and butter to pan fry (just a couple tablespoons of each should be enough). If you wanted it crispier though, I would suggest using panko in your breading, it tends to have a crisper texture. You could also try using corn starch to replace the flour, as that also tends to give more of a crispy coating.
Here was an old post of mine on it:
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