Romaine and Boston/Butter Lettuce Storage Question

Best way to store each of these in the fridge? I buy both fresh (not packaged). I always seem to be throwing them away after 3 or 4 days. I usually wash, spin and store in a covered pyrex---which is obviously not working! Thank you!



Linn June 7, 2012
Wash, spin thoroughly, dry the rest gently, store in paper or cloth -- these all right on. What I like to do is leave the plastic bag open to some ventilation so I do not close the the zip lock or what ever other bag I use when storing in the refrigerator. In my experience, not washing can sometimes help, but when all is said and done, lettuce is a fragile product with a short shelf life.
chef O. June 6, 2012
Don't wash until you are ready to use.

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SKK June 5, 2012
Wash, spin, thoroughly dry on towels. Wrap in dry clean cloth or paper towels and store in zip lock bags with all the air pushed out.
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