Where can I find dried currents?

a Whole Foods Market Customer


JanetFL June 7, 2012
Currants appear in my Publix in South Florida only around Thanksgiving/Christmas. However, my Colorado grocery store, City Market, carries them year round. If you ask Customer Service, they might be able to do a special order for you.
Tarragon June 7, 2012
I buy them in Whole Foods (the bulk bins or prepackaged by the store itself) or a gourmet market. Every once in a while I see them in my regular grocery with the boxed raisins and other dried fruits (Sunmaid). I live in the Miami area.
AntoniaJames June 6, 2012
Most dried "currants" in the U.S., at least here in the SF Bay Area, are actually Zante raisins, i.e., made from grapes, not currants. Occasionally we can get fresh currants, so I plan to dry my own this year. ;o)
bugbitten June 8, 2012
Curiously, a national brand, Sunmaid, calls them "Zante Currants."
ukimmeru June 6, 2012
Do you mean in the Whole Foods store itself, or in a locale in particular?

I could relate so much to your questions in that we recently moved to Virginia,where I have been exceedingly surprised and frustrated that I could not find dried currants anywhere!

It had to wait until we came back to Massachusetts to visit, wherein I promptly stocked up on several containers from our local whole foods (where they are stocked in the dry fruits/bulk aisle.
Judy October 9, 2020
They are available online also. Search zante currants.
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