Dry dill vs fresh

Can I substitute dry dill for fresh when making pickles? What is the conversion? I know fresh is preferable but can't find it.



angiegeyser February 11, 2012
Thanks everyone for the advice. I always prefer to use fresh herbs but I've been craving pickles and hate all the junk that's in store bought ones. Made some refrigerator pickles using some dried dill and some fresh... Have to patiently wait now to see how they turn out! I will definitely be freezing some of the dill I grow this summer instead of drying it all.
LeBec F. February 11, 2012
Yes, and frozen dill texture won't matter a bit in pickles. dry dill is very musty tasting.
allans February 10, 2012
I would also add that if extra quantities are on hand during the season, fill a ziplock and freeze. The texture will differ from fresh, but the flavor is better than dried.
SKK February 10, 2012
Delys1977 is accurate in the assessment that dry dill is not as potent as fresh. Totally agree with the conversion. That being said, you can plan ahead for the dill growing season.

delys1977 February 9, 2012
Typically you would do 1 tsp of dry for every tb of fresh. That being said dry dill isn't as potent as other dried herbs so I would maybe do 1.5 tsp to each tb.
briecheese February 9, 2012
Dried herbs as you may know are much stringer than fresh herbs in their flavor. I was generally taught that dried herbs are 3 times stronger. I hope this helps
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