Festival Party Cocktail Suggestion?

We are having a party for about 25 this weekend - eating steamed crabs, salad, pork bbq. Outdoorsy, summery food. I'd love to make a festival cocktail for the party but I have no idea how to pair or where to start. The person of honor at the party loves margaritas (so i'm contemplating thirshfeld's lemon lime margs but soooo not wanting to squeeze hundreds of limes). Thanks for your suggestions!



Summer O. June 8, 2012
We had friends make Rosie Schaap's cocktail for Jess from the NYTimes at a pool party last weekend and it was great very refreshing, not bitter, summery and it got the job done. White and red sangrias? I like the way you think beer with steamed crabs could use an update. Are you from MD?
Sam1148 June 6, 2012
Soda water, mixed with Pimms Cup #1 and a garnish of English Cucumber. Very refreshing for summertime.

If the guest of honor likes Margaritas that should be on the menu too. It depends on the person but they might not care if you use a short cut pre-mix and lime wedge garnishes. Although I'd ban them if they wanted frozen instead of on the rocks.

I also like just club soda and lemon wedges or pineapple/orange juice with no booze and fizzy water...which is a welcome addition for kids or people that don't drink or want a hydration summer drink (vodka additions for drinkers). Grape fruit juice could do triple duty---Soda GF juice for kids non-drinkers, GF juice vodka, or GF juice vodka and soda with salted rims for the glass for salty dogs (and the plate of salt does double duty for the Margarita)
And beer! don't forget beer.
pierino June 6, 2012
I'm not much of a margarita person myself---don't really care for tequila. But here's a summery adult cocktail. No limes are harmed http://www.food52.com/recipes/13206_voila_lete_the_french_75
kbckitchen June 6, 2012
We did these for an engagement party about a year ago. People loved them! We didn't infuse with peppers and still good
kbckitchen June 6, 2012
Grapefruit margaritas!
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