Any willing to share a source for decorative canning jars ?

Does anyone have a source (preferably online ) for decorative canning and preserving jars? I love Weck,just looking for variety since it is high season for

  • Posted by: CHeeb
  • June 10, 2012


CHeeb June 13, 2012
Droplet,I will Google the LeParfait and see if they might work...thx for the lead and the cute liner
Droplet June 12, 2012
Aside from Weck and Bormioli, the third variety commonly available is the French Le Parfait, in case you were thinking of those. And I know this is not exactly what you were looking for but if want to make the jars look neat for gift giving, you could also find different colors of cupcake liners and place them inverted on regular canning jars in between the lid and the ring. Looks kind of neat on jam.
Hilarybee June 12, 2012
I use specialty bottle. Last season they had hot pink, one time use canning lids. They were fab.
CHeeb June 12, 2012
Glad to know that...I need just a few
CHeeb June 11, 2012 is a great bulk/ Commercial source ,many shapes and sizes which I like.I'll check on the container store in the morning... many thx,
allans June 12, 2012 lets you buy one or a thousand - which is great
CHeeb June 12, 2012
Specialty bottle carries the Bormioli jars I was trying to remember. They are Italian,not French , so no wonder I was wandering lost. Thanks again for the
allans June 11, 2012
Try or the container store
susan G. June 10, 2012
I just found something unusual in a Fathers' Day ad from a local store chain -- "Rednek (TM) Margarita or Wine Glass" -- Ball canning jars mounted on pedistals (high or low). And only $9.99, reduced from $28.00. Looks like they would seal, too.
CHeeb June 11, 2012
Thanks,susan g. This sounds very unusual and I will try to find it to see if it might work. I am looking for something unique that will make a homemade item into a holiday worthy gift...I saw something similar at an outdoor sporting goods shop. I will look again with an eye for using it for my
Panfusine June 13, 2012
I saw these glasses at Peddlers village in Lahaska PA, they would seal, but the pedestals may make the whole thing top heavy..
CHeeb June 10, 2012
Thank you , SeaJambon, I'll have to stay in the hunt . There is a French jar maker ,whose name I have forgotten . I'll re-post if I find something
SeaJambon June 10, 2012
Weck would have been my recommendation. Sometimes Ball/Kerr have "special" jars.
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