What is your favorite way to prepare and cook swordfish?

  • Posted by: Bek
  • June 11, 2012


LucyS June 15, 2012
I once had swordfish grilled with mayonnaise and I thought it would be super weird but it ended up being great. It was very moist and very subtly tangy. I did it this way with a home made aoili with dill and lemon, which was also really nice.
Linn June 15, 2012
Gently poached in butter and finished with a whisper of Spanish smoked paprika and a squeeze of lemon.
ChefJune June 14, 2012
I like swordfish best grilled over a wood fire with only lime juice, olive oil and white pepper.
BoulderGalinTokyo June 14, 2012
We like steaks brushed with oil, then a generous application of Chef Paul Prudhomme's blend, the Seafood Magic. Something about the oil in the fish is an excellent match with the spices. We like grilled as pierino said over a wood fire, but works in a skillet too.
nutcakes June 12, 2012
I used to lghtkly marinate in soy sauce, lemon juice and a little oil. Then serve with avocado butter on top. Just mash equal parts of each avo and butter, season with S&P, lemon juice and shallot, and if you want add in minced hot peppers, cilantro. Roll into a log. Chill and serve with pats on top of the grilled fish. Inspired from Piret's Bistro cookbook, out of print.
pierino June 11, 2012
Steaks, brushed with oil, maybe some herbs and grilled over a wood fire---real wood not briquettes.

That said, swordfish is a bit problematic these days in terms of ocean health. We are watching shrinking fisheries for bill fish in general.
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