I planted mint a few years ago and now it's really spread. I was warned about this but I hope it's keeping the deer away. Any summer mouth-watering recipes for mint?

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HalfPint June 19, 2012
I like Turkish-style tea. You brew a pot of regular tea (black or green) add a handful of mint leaves, and a tsp of sugar. It's refreshing and very lightly sweetened.
Homemadecornbread June 18, 2012
I make mint simple syrup and then mix the syrup with water and ice by the glass. I dissolve 1 1/3 c sugar in 2 c water over med high heat. Turn off the heat and add 6 to 8 long pieces of mint with the stems. Steep for 30 minutes. Pour into squeeze bottle and store in the fridge. Delicious when you come in from hot gardening chores.
teamom June 18, 2012
I pack mint leaves in sugar (layer them). The sugar absorbs the flavour. For Christmas cookies, I blitz the sugar (sans leaves) to a powder, then use this to make icing.
Mint syrup holds forever. Use it in your iced tea, or milkshakes.
BoulderGalinTokyo June 18, 2012
Mint sugar nice idea!
kbckitchen June 18, 2012
Watermelon salad with mint feta red onions and a mint vinaigrette. Great summertime salad
Marie V. June 18, 2012
Also consider uprooting your mint and keeping it in a pot...if you can catch it in time :-)

Pesto with mint is good if you add peas for sweetness and fresh goats cheese for body. Otherwise I find it a bit much.
Maedl June 18, 2012
Moroccan mint tea is another option. It requires big bunches of mint and gunpowder tea. Google it amd you will find the recipe.
mainecook61 June 18, 2012
Dry some. It's not the same as fresh but has its own nice character in winter when there is no fresh. And get a spade and dig out some of the excess. Then toss it into a weedy, unkempt area, if you have such a thing. Let it prove how tough it is. Some of my lushest mint comes from the clumps I've tossed "over the bank."
IlovePhilly June 18, 2012
I am obsessed with cold brew mint tea. I can barely keep myself from plucking my (not as huge as yours) mint to death! Just put a ton of leaves in a pitcher with the tea of your choice, stick it in the fridge, and the next day you have an amazing fresh, minty beverage. Not boiling the water leaves you with mint flavor (not cooked mint or mint candy).
blanka.n June 18, 2012
I'm doing this right now.
gary12401 June 18, 2012
Mint Julip
JORJ June 18, 2012
you can also make a mint tincture with vodka so that you can add a little minty zip to any cocktail you make -- you just stuff a bunch of clean and dry mint leaves into a bottle with vodka, keep it in a nice dark place for two weeks, agitate it every day and then you will have essentially, essence of mint stocked up for the winter.
Maedl June 18, 2012
A recipe from Basilicata for pasta sauce for mint: saute chopped bacon and onion in olive oil. Add chopped garlic and cook until fragrant. Chop a handful or two of fresh mint, toss in pan and stir around until the fragrance hits your nose. Grate fresh horseradish--perhaps a teaspoon, the amount depends on your taste. Stir into the mint mixture and toss over freshly cooked pasta. Serve with an Italian red wine.
allans June 18, 2012
If you want it under control, rip it out and replant inside a large pot with the bottom removed and the rim one to two inches above soil level. It will contain it and keep it from spreading
Panfusine June 18, 2012
I tried that, but the shoots spread out beyond the rim & put roots into the adjoining soil & started spreading.. Its weedy in that sense!
BoulderGalinTokyo June 18, 2012
Good idea, unless your mint goes to seed. The seeds will grow without any attention.
allans June 19, 2012
To clarify - there aren't perfect solutions to this issue, only helpful ones. It is important to keep the rim at least 2 inches above the soil line. Also, cut those plants back before they go to seed. It's a little effort but is easier than giving most of your yard to mint.
blanka.n June 18, 2012
Thank you so much I think I'm going to try mint jelly and the pesto - even though my husband hates pesto. Maybe he'll like a mint version. I must say the tea idea is also terrific. Thank you all.
Tarragon June 18, 2012
lloreen June 18, 2012
Mint pesto to serve with grilled fish, shrimp, or lamb
You could make your own refreshing mint iced tea - just pour boiling water over a handful of mint leaves and let it steep, then chill.
blanka.n June 18, 2012
You know I completely forgot about Mojitos.
blanka.n June 18, 2012
You know I completely forgot about Mojitos.
bigpan June 18, 2012
Mint jelly.
aargersi June 18, 2012
Wow - is that picture your mint? You DO have a lot! Check out the mint theme at Whole Foods Market Cooking - some good stuff!

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