Hey there, I have been challenged to use multiple cuts of pork to create one dish. Any suggestions?

I am able to use:
Half slab of pork
Summer leeks
Preserved cherry
Bitter chocolate/ Cocoa Nib

Michal Pacer


Winifred R. May 6, 2018
If those preserved cherries are dried, I could go mole and maybe a mint sauce like a mint chutney as a fresh counterpoint or in a salsa. Are tomatoes in there as options?? or do you go cherries as the base? either would be doable.
Scott May 7, 2018
I agree. Throw in the classic "apple with pork" if permitted and make a cherry-apple glaze
BerryBaby May 5, 2018
When I hear pork barbecue is always good! You could most definitely make a sauce with those ingredients.
702551 May 5, 2018
Normally, the term "half slab" -- in the context of pork -- refers to ribs, about 6 bones. That's one cut of pork.

What are the other pork cuts you are expected to serve?
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