purpose of egg white in gin fizz?

What is the purpose of putting an egg white in a gin fizz? i am looking at the recipe that Jenny blogged about on the front page of the website.

  • Posted by: Tashie
  • June 18, 2012


bigpan June 18, 2012
Try a Savoy Hotel White Lady cocktail - use vodka instead of gin. Google it.
ChefOno June 18, 2012

Emulsion, no. Foam, yes. Mouthfeel? Subjective.


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davidpdx June 18, 2012
Egg white is essentially protein. When shaken with the other liquids in the drink, the protein molecules stretch and capture air (like when whipping up a meringue) as the mixture emulsifies, giving texture and frothiness to the drink that is both visually appealing and has good mouthfeel.
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