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Hi, I had a plan to roast two guinea fowls for dinner on Thursday night with my parents and my brothers, but now that it is supposed to be 90 degrees out I am worried that having a hot oven is not such a good idea. I liked the idea of roasting because it is low-stress and easy -- also the guinea fowl are from my family farm and already in my possession so I don't have to go shopping. What do you think I should do? Should I just stick to my plan and not worry that the menu is more appropriate for a nippy fall day?

  • Posted by: JORJ
  • June 18, 2012


SKK June 19, 2012
Hi JORJ, regarding cooking ahead - you could simply warm it up before you serve it if you cook the day before and are worried about the fat.
SKK June 18, 2012
Another possibility is to roast it in the coolest part of the day on Wednesday, and serve it cold.
JORJ June 19, 2012
that was another thing I was thinking. The only issue is that the fowl have so much fat under the skin I was worried that they wouldn't be as appetizing cold.

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Rachel S. June 18, 2012
I also love roasting for it's simplicity and ease factor when having a dinner party. I personally think you can get away with it so long as whatever accompanies the guinea fowl is summery, light, and fresh. A salad, a few sliced tomatoes drizzled with olive oil, and maybe some corn off the cob quickly sautéed in a little butter and finished with some freshly chopped basil are a few things that could keep the meal from feeling too wintery while still satisfying everyone's appetites.
JORJ June 19, 2012
Thanks RachelS! That is my inclination, too!
gary12401 June 18, 2012
I would roast them with indirect heat on the BBQ grill and some apple wood to give a nice smoke.
JORJ June 19, 2012
too bad my NYC apt doesn't have a grill! that is a great idea.
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