fall dinner party menu for non-adventurous couple

I am planning a dinner party for 8. Two couples are easy and adventurous. The other has plain tastes (eat only white meat chicken) and non-adventurous (no ethnic). Trying to plan a menu that pleases all. Was thinking of doing a baked chicken dish and maybe steak, too. Recos or other thoughts?

  • Posted by: lcast
  • October 1, 2017


MMH October 2, 2017
This is so hard. We honestly have conversations about who to invite because we are very adventurous and we just don't invite people who arent anymore. Saturday nite we had 10 people for paella and 2 showed up and announced they were vegan. Fortunately, we had also made tapas which were vegan.

There have been some questions like this on here recently. People have suggested pasta or taco/burrito assemble yourself entrees. You can probably do more bland things with pasta.

I think there is nothing more elegant than roasted chicken. I think it's the ultimate fall back. You can do anything with sides. You don't need sauces. Ina is my idol and my Jeffrey agrees!
BerryBaby October 2, 2017
Love London Broil! I serve it with Bernaise sauce. Other sauce options blu cheese or my cheat brown gravy (dry package) made with a cup of red wine instead of water. I know it's packaged, not homemade, but it turns out great. Then I add lots of fresh, cracked pepper. Delicious!
Asha L. October 2, 2017
For guests like these, I usually do what Nancy suggests and have one classic meat choice with more interesting sauce choices. Then I usually add in a simple vegetable side or two. For me, fall calls out for roasted chicken with a green herb sauce on the side + a salad of lightly dressed mixed greens topped with roasted acorn squash, toasted pecans and the cheese of your choice.
Nancy October 1, 2017
Do what is often recommended here for diverse groups (whether by allergy, preference, degree of adventure)....make some basic meat and serve it with a selection of sauces or toppings that people can select according to their tastes (see parentheses above).
Roast chicken, a good london broil or roast beef as base.
Mexican, Thai, French or your choice for the toppings.
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