What's something quick and easy I can bring the ingredients for and make at work? We have fridges, freezers, and microwaves, and I've gotten really bored of sandwiches and frozen meals.

  • Posted by: thegbean
  • September 10, 2010


pauljoseph September 11, 2010
Try this http://busycooks.about.com/od/coldsandwichrecipes/r/pbgranolasandwi.htm
Bevi September 10, 2010
I love to make a whole box (2 cups) of quinoa, dress it with EVOO and lemon or lime juice, feta cheese, some raisins of any kind or currants, chopped scallions (or sauteed onion or shallot if you don't want a raw onion taste) whatever crunchy vegetable I have in the fridge (peppers, cukes, etc.) maybe a sauteed, chopped zucchini, and toasted pine nuts, pumpkins seeds, or sunflower seeds. Season with S & P. You get a great protein dish that can also benefit from any leftover meat/chicken/fish you have on hand. You can dip into this for a few days.
drbabs September 10, 2010
In my office, I keep hummus and multigrain tortillas and bring salad greens, sliced tomatoes, cheeses, chopped up veggies of whatever is in season, and make wraps with hummus and veggies. You can bring leftovers from your dinner the night before, fruit, cheese and good bread, and make a picnic. I love aliwaks' panino idea also. Soups, chilis, and stews are easily reheated. I've also brought already-cooked steel-cut oats and added in fruit and nuts and had a breakfasty lunch. Sometimes I just dump trail mix or mixed dried fruit and nuts into plain yogurt and call that lunch, too.
Aliwaks September 10, 2010
When I worked in an office I would make rice bowls for myself, cooked rice (or pasta, or steamed potatoes) raw veg (all chopped same size) & cooked protein. Few second in the microwave and voila. My favorite: brown rice, spinach, hummus chicken + few squeezes fresh lemon or Cooked pasta, raw tomatoes, chopped mozzerella, fresh basil, bit of parm.

Also I make "pressed sandwiches" for my BF to take to work, I pile cheese, pickled veg meat on to ciabatta (like fontina, artichoke hearts, salami) I drizzle the inside & outside with olive oil, wrap in foil and press down, he puts the in the toaster oven and they come out like a pannini.
fskipper September 10, 2010
Tacos. Easy peezy. Just cook the meats (or tofu or whatever filling you want) ahead of time. Pack the "fixin's" (e.g. cabbage & lime, or tomatoes, sour cream and guacamole) in separate containers. You can nuke the meats and tortillas in the microwave so they'll be hot and the fixin's will stay cold in the fridge. If it's a Friday (or any day in my office) you can also bring Margarita's!
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