What's a good kid friendly summer dessert to accompany home made pizza?



SKK June 24, 2012
Thanks, CarolineSL! I love it when people report back from the questions and share what they did. Sounds delicious!
CarolineSL June 24, 2012
Ended up making a peach cobbler for the adults with ice cream and watermelon for the kiddos. My children eat so much watermelon in the summer it's odd that it didn't occur to me as the obvious choice!
viblanco June 23, 2012
When I read this post, watermelon was the first and only option that popped into my head. Cut the melon into small, easy to handle triangles that kids can handle. They will enjoy this treat and it is so much more healthful and refreshing than a full-on baked dessert. Enjoy!
SKK June 23, 2012
Sam is right, watermelon is excellent! I make a Strawberry Watermelon Cooler that is wonderful.
Simply put cut up some watermelon, fresh strawberries, and place in a Vita-Mix or food processor. Add a little fresh lime juice as you are mixing it and you will have an amazing drink. If you freeze the watermelon first, you will have a wonderful icy concoction. In my Vita-Mix I also put in about an inch of ginger. Don't think the food processor will grind that up.
Stephanie G. June 23, 2012
My hands down favorite pizza night dessert is the Butterscotch Budino by mrs larkin on this website. I sprinkle English Toffee on top and serve with gingersnaps. My family loves it.
jbban June 23, 2012
How about fruit kebabs?
Tarragon June 23, 2012
Strawberry shortcake
EmilyC June 23, 2012
How about a fruit sorbet or sherbet? There are so many great and easy recipes on this site.
ATG117 June 23, 2012
Ice cream cookie sandwiches. You can use this recently posted recipe http://food52.com/blog/3732_balsamic_strawberry_ice_cream_sandwiches or you can go with any combination you think is best. Your favorite chocolate chip cookies with vanilla ice cream, a soft sugar cookie with pistachio ice cream, peanut butter cookies with chocolate ice cream, and you can get even more creative and fun with your combos, especially if you are making your own ice cream. The only thing I think is a must here, once your going to the trouble, is homemade or a good store bought ice cream.
monkeymom June 23, 2012
sexyLAMBCHOPx June 23, 2012
Home-made Italian ices. I agree with Sam. Big slices of watermelon is so good.

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Sam1148 June 22, 2012
None. Why train kids to expect a high sugar sweet treat at the end of the of a meal?

Watermelon is a nice a summer finish for a high starch meal in the summer.
chefsusie June 22, 2012
Well, if your kids are anything like mine, their homemade pizza is either plain cheese or pepperoni. (I personally do the pesto, chicken, artichokes,red onions, sun-dried tomatoes,etc.) I think a bit of a heavier dessert would be fine, say a chocolate cake. Perhaps ice cream? You can use that recipe called "wacky cake" or "crazy cake." for children. (easy to google) Its not fancy, but chocolately enough for my 5 kids. You could sprinkle powdered sugar on top or frost. If you are trying to sneak a bit of nutrition in: I suggest adding some strawberries or blueberries on top of icecream or cake. (Every bit helps!)
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