Taste modification

Black tea is supposed to have a bitter aftertaste of tannins. However, i noticed that after eating chewing gum with flavourings sorbitol malitol manitol aspartame and sucralose, the tea taste mildly sweet. It is as though im drinking a mild sugar solution. When I drank the tea, it was at room temperature and i have exhauted the chewing gum flavor. Possible explaination?(using actual science)



ChefOno June 25, 2012


I have not come across any information regarding reactions to non-nutritive sweeteners such as you describe. Is it possible your reaction was due to another component of the gum, mint or cinnamon perhaps, overloading your taste receptors? I'd try to duplicate the effect but I avoid those compounds like the plague because of a digestive sensitivity to at least some of them.

Maedl June 25, 2012
I'm no scientist, but certain foods can affect the way other foods taste. What you are noticing with artificial sweeteners is most likely is caused by a protein in the sweetener that binds to the taste bud (or taste receptor) and changes the way the receptor perceives flavors. See http://www.nytimes.com/2008/05/28/dining/28flavor.html?_r=1
nutcakes June 24, 2012
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