Kombucha troubleshooting

I've been brewing kombucha for a short time now, but I'm having trouble with this one batch. It's 12 days old, made with sugar, mother (from a green tea batch), starter, and black tea (regular no oil).

It formed a new SCOBY but instead of clarifying like the other batches, it has become more opaque, almost milky. There is a fine white sediment on the bottom and does not smell very acidic... instead it has a hint of decay in the smell.

Any idea what's happened? Is it possible to selvage this batch?

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1 Comment

dymnyno November 1, 2013
If you are afraid of tasting it because it doesn't smell right, toss it out and start over with a new mother.Even commercial kombucha makers have a bad batch once in a while.
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