Where is the link for the Black Tea Caramel mentioned in the pumpkin pie recipe?

Teddee Grace


cookbookchick October 5, 2015
Here you go. The link was in the Food52 article about the pie but not on the recipe page. http://sevenspoons.net/blog/2014/11/18/any-excuse
Teddee G. October 7, 2015
Thanks so much! The sauce sounds absolutely wonderful and I've Pinned the original recipe.
Susan W. October 5, 2015
It's easier to help when you supply a link or the name of the pumpkin pie you are referring to, but I found this using Google. Click on the words "black tea caramel" and it takes you to the caramel recipe.
Teddee G. October 5, 2015
This is the pie recipe, but there is no link to the caramel recipe in that recipe, just a reference to serving the pie with the caramel.
Susan W. October 5, 2015
No, if you click on the words "black tea caramel" in the article, it takes you to the recipe. I wasn't very clear about that, sorry. Anytime you see a word or words in a different color or bolded, it usually means it's a link.
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