Tips on Freezing a Cake

I am making a cake for a wedding shower, and would like to make it within the next 2 weeks for a July 28th event. Typically I make the Sara Moulton Classic white or yellow cake. It will travel in a car for about 5 hours on July 26, and I will put the icing and decorations on the day of the shower. Can you cake experts give me as many tips as possible? Much appreciated!

  • Posted by: Bevi
  • June 26, 2012


Bevi June 27, 2012
Thanks for the informative answers! I will use them all.
Quinciferous June 26, 2012
I made a bunch of pound cakes (maybe fifteen?) for my wedding and froze them all. Like boulangere, I also double-wrapped in plastic, then added a layer of foil. We frosted them while still frozen with great success.
boulangere June 26, 2012
I always double-wrap cakes when I freeze them.
hardlikearmour June 26, 2012
Wrap it with plastic wrap, then foil. I'd also plan on putting a sugar syrup on it to ensure moistness. Rose Levy Beranbaum's formula is 6 T sugar + 2/3 cup water, stir and bring to rolling boil. Remove from heat and allow to cool. Transfer to glass measure and add 3 T of liqueur of your choice (or a little orange blossom water is nice), then bring to 1 cup with water. For a butter-style cake a cup should be enough for an 8 to 9" layer cake. Make sure to scrape or cut off the top and bottom crust so it doesn't get gummy from the syrup.
hardlikearmour June 26, 2012
I forgot to mention, I'd do the syrup after it's thawed.
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