Made a large layer cake for a party, have about 1/3 left--can I freeze being that I had already frozen the cake layers before icing/stacking/serving?

would it compromise it? I generally thought re-freezing baked goods is a no. Cake bakers? The cake is soo good, from Smitten's new book, and everyone loved it. I am loving it a bit too much the past 2 days since the party and want to either preserve it or give it away!

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ChefJune June 5, 2018
I would freeze it if that was my ;eftovers.
HalfPint June 5, 2018
I'm advising against freezing even if the cake layers haven't been previously frozen. In my experience, the thawed frosting has a rather gross (sorry, can't think of a better descriptor). Take leftovers to the office and it will disappear in about 10 minutes.
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