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Has anyone checked out Lucky Peach yet?
It's a quarterly and I now have issues #2 and #3. I went looking for issue #1 and on-line it's selling for $349.00!!! A subscription will cost you $28 but #1 is out of print. When does David Chang find time to do this stuff? Like Momomfuko is not enough.

  • Posted by: pierino
  • April 5, 2012


mrslarkin April 6, 2012
Love my Lucky Peaches. Definitely a fun, down-to-earth foodie read. Started subscribing at issue #2, which took forever to arrive. The agony! Issue #3 arrived in triplicate. I heard some people received 10 copies of #3.

I recently subscribed to Kinfolk magazine. Really beautiful writing, photography, art and design, all entertaining-inspired. It's feels gorgeous in your hands - luscious paper. Yeah, I'm a nerd - I get excited over paper.
Midge April 6, 2012
I think Lucky Peach is a blast and usually devour the whole issue within days of getting it. One of the features in the latest issue I thought was particularly compelling was the piece on whether or not it's worth it to go to culinary school. It's a refreshing to see such an irreverent take on food and fun visuals when so many mainstream food mags seem to take themselves so seriously. That said, I'm with amysarah on her call for fresh voices. I used to be involved with 826 and agree it is a great organization.
amysarah April 6, 2012
I've checked out Lucky Peach - definitely has interesting content and is fun, in that semi-irreverent McSweeney's mode. Just one small reservation - I wish it tilted a bit more towards some newer voices. Mario Batali, Bourdain, articles about Adria, etc., are clearly still relevant and they have much to say (and of course, it's Chang's baby)'s just that they say them in so many places already. Given McSweeney's overall editorial pov, I hope LP will veer slightly more towards some fresher, less predictable contributors/content. (Just my personal reaction to the issues I've perused.)

Regardless, supporting McSweeney's publications also has the benefit of helping the two fantastic educational organizations (826 and Scholar Match) with which its so involved.
susan G. April 6, 2012
Lucky Peach is quite a phenomenon! I got #1, then subscribed in time for #3. I think they are doing something new (to me anyway). After Gourmet going back to the 60's and other serious magazines, Lucky Peach is that brash Bourdain style, lifestyle with cheek. I'm not in love with it, and I find the tilt to be more to men... though that's not a bad idea!
pierino April 6, 2012
Don't lose #1 (unless you want to send it to me). Yes, the style is way edgy, there was even a piece by Gary Panter. Maybe it is mostly grumpy men? I don't know. Chang's pastry chef from Milk Bar had some interesting stuff to say. Lucky Peach is about food today whereas Gastronomica is mostly about food yesterday---neither is a bad thing.
I do miss Gourmet as well as those few golden years when Saveur was under Colman Andrews' editorship.
Brain H. April 5, 2012
It's good to know I can sell my issue #1 on eBay if I ever need some cash. I think the magazine is amusing, but I'm not thrilled with the writing. It's more like kitchen banter than food lit; I prefer a mag like Gastronomica. But I did love Chang's riff on all the dishes you can make with ramen noodle spice packets!
pierino April 6, 2012
I did subscribe to Gastronomica for awhile, and it is interesting. But at the same time it is kind of stodgy and academic. I still dip into it occasionally because food history is one of my favorite subjects.
ChefJune April 6, 2012
I love Gastronomica, but I have trouble finding time to read it. The good thing is that the articles always seem to be timely, whenever they get read!
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